How Do Dogs Express Love? By These Gestures and Signals!

How Do Dogs Express Love? By These Gestures and Signals! Source:

Any dog lover will tell you that getting a puppy was one of the best decisions ever taken in his/her life. Doing this you will get the most precious partner you could imagine.

A dog is called the "person's best friend" for no reason. Dogs are undemanding loving little creatures which would do anything for their owners. They can, however, express their love and affection by many gestures which their owners may not even notice. Which are they? 

"Puppy-dog Eyes"

If your dog looks into your eyes with those sad little eyes, it means the dog loves you with all its heart. According to  PetHelpful, people and dogs are the only mammals which can express their love and trust through eye contact. 

Your Dog is Leaning on You

Dogs love cuddling just as people do. Or maybe even more! If your dog gets a feeling of touching you all the time, it's a signal for you to provide your dog with loads of kisses. 


They Are Following You

After you get a dog, you'll never be alone. It may be pretty annoying in some situations, but remember the dog always wants to be with you and follow anything you do. It's how your dog tells you you're the best friend in the world and that it wants to share everything with you. 

They Sleep in Your Room

Every dog owner always leaves for work in the morning with a bad feeling of leaving his/her beloved pet at home alone. No worries though. Your dog will most probably, just after the front door is locked, go directly to your bed. According to the scientists, it's one of many ways of how your dog is trying to be closer to you. 

They're Bringing You Gifts 

Many dogs express their love by bringing their favourite and most beloved toy to you. According to Jennifer Hammond's expert opinion, it's a sign that your pets want to share their love and joy with you. 

They Can Feel When You're Sad

People and dogs have been living together for 15,000 years, which has resulted in an incredibly strong connection between these two. No wonder then that dogs can recognize when you feel sick or sad. During these moments they're trying to express their affection to us, comfort us, be sympathetic and tell us they're here for us only.  


They Lick You 

The most typical signal of love is when your dog starts licking you no matter if you want it or not. In addition, licking your feet means your dog considers you to be an authority and leader. If your dog licks your baby's face, it may mean the dog takes your baby as its own puppy.   

They Wait for a Praise

Dogs need to be praised all the time as it really makes them happy. They may sometimes wait for it and keep drawing your attention to them until they get it. 


They Welcome You

Does you dog welcome you as if it hasn't seen you for ages although you've been away for a short time only? Research shows that people and dogs feel happiness and friendship in the same way. The dogs express these feelings in their own way. So, when your dog runs through all the house and jumps for joy again, it's trying to tell you how much it was missing you.  

They Want to Cuddle After Eating 

Dogs express territorial and protective behaviour when eating although they don't need to be scared someone would take their meal away. It's just their instinct. If your dog runs over to you and wants you to cuddle it, it's a manifestation of tremendous trust and feeling of security your dog feels for you.  

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