He was called "rabbit kid": The story of boy who was bullied

Mainly among children every difference from so-called normal leads to ridicule and in most cases to bullying. Not only the children themselves are suffering but also their parents because they often do not know how to prevent such behavior against their child. This boy was living in hell for years.

Young Evan Hill which was born with enormous front teeth was called "rabbit kid". He comes from Christchurch in New Zealand. The bullying from classmates was so unbearable that parents decided to help their son at all costs. They were trying to save money on Evan's surgery. But after an interview with a dentist, they knew they could not afford that - they would never have saved it. So they even tried to pledge their house to help their son.

What was a surprise when they found out that whole town community make a collection and set up a bank account so people could contribute towards the cost of fixing Evan’s teeth. Perhaps they were ashamed of bad behavior and years they laughed at him. The operation, which eventually cost about $ 2 million, helped not only Evan but it also integrated the city, making it synonymous with social cohesion and friendship around the world.

Published: 14. 6. 2018 21:23 Report content