Before Pancreatic Cancer Strikes You, Your Body Will Warn You. Don't Ignore These 6 Signs!

Before Pancreatic Cancer Strikes You, Your Body Will Warn You. Don't Ignore These 6 Signs! Source:

Every year, around 1600 patients in the Czech Republic are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and because it’s a very serious type of cancer the mortality rate shows almost the same number.

Pancreatic cancer can often go undetected, that’s why it is such a horrible disease, and the only option for a full recovery is an early surgery, which is usually the problem. Because of that, it's important for people to know and recognize the first symptoms of this deadly disease.


Diabetes is a disease in which your body tries to produce enough insulin, and it fails to regulate the level of sugar in your blood. It’s is quite a common condition, but if it appears suddenly, it can be an early sign of pancreatic cancer.

Itchy hands and feet

The doctors say that even a small pancreatic tumor can block the bile duct. The blockage of the bile duct causes the bile to build up your blood and create compounds which then accumulate in your hands and feet and may cause the uncomfortable itchiness.

Yellow eyes

This symptom is also connected with the blockage of the bile duct, so the itchiness may also be accompanied by yellowing of your eyes.


Abdominal pain

A regular stomach ache can be related to multiple diseases, but this kind of pain is a bit different. It's more of a dull ache which resembles the feeling when you are hungry. Also, people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer noted that their stomach hurt much more when they bent forward.

Sudden loss of weight

It's always great to see you are losing weight when you are actually trying to do so, but if the numbers on the scale start dropping down quickly without you even trying, it's always a sign that there is something wrong. Because when the pancreatic tumor starts growing, it prevents your body from properly digesting the food and it leads to a lack of fat, sugar or other important nutrients which your body needs.

Loss of appetite

If everything in your life is alright, you are not under a lot of stress, and you are still losing your appetite, you should be careful. When your pancreas stops producing natural digestive enzymes, it can directly affect your appetite, or you might start feeling full after a few bites. What is more, you can also notice that a particular food which you used to like, now tastes completely different.

If you realize you have any of these symptoms,  you should immediately go to see a doctor.  Every early symptom can be a warning sign and can help the doctor determine the problem.

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