5 Warning Signs Before Death. Don't Ignore Them!

5 Warning Signs Before Death. Don't Ignore Them! Source: Shutterstock.com

Whether a person falls ill or whether it is just a matter of old age, the approaching death is believed to come with warning signs. Thanks to this, people get a chance to come to terms with dying, and they have enough time to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Dead relatives

According to scientists, as soon as a person starts seeing his relatives who are not alive anymore, it showcases some form of forgiveness and reconciliation. Because when a dying person sees a dead relative, he stops being afraid of death and it eases the pain. What remains a secret is whether it is just a hallucination or there really is some "other side" from which those relatives are coming to visit the person.


Everybody probably knows that animals can sense things which we, the people, have no idea about. It's like a sixth sense which allows them to sense the approaching death. The most well-known example of this was the tomcat Oscar who lived in an American hospice and announced death by lying down on the bed of the sick person who was about to die.

Changes in appearance

Researchers have also found out that the facial features of a dying person become sharper, and if he is wearing any gold or silver jewelry, it can turn black. This change in features is usually caused by a loss of weight, and the blackening of jewelry can be explained by the alteration of the composition of sweat.

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This term also appears in psychiatry and neurology where it is called autoscopy, or in other words an experience of seeing one's own body.  It should be like a hallucination during which the dying person is able to see himself as if he was sitting in a cinema and watching a movie in which he was the lead actor.


Medical staff members who are around sick or old people every day confirm, that very often, just a few hours before death, the dying people start to reminisce. And it's not just stories about what happened the previous week, but they go even tens of years back in their memories, for example to the time of their military service or to the birth of their child.

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