How to Recognize You're in a Relationship with No Future? Be Careful About These 10 Things!

How to Recognize You're in a Relationship with No Future? Be Careful About These 10 Things! Source:

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with sincere love, compassion, and honesty. Sometimes, even though it might not look like that at first, we can live in a toxic relationship for years because we learned to overlook the negative aspects and not even admit them to ourselves.

The person creating the toxic relationship is usually not independent and emotionally very clingy to his significant other. These people are very often emotionally blackmailing their partners and they want to control and command them. At first, this kind of relationship might feel perfectly fine, it can seem that you are completely right for each other, but after some time, the negative qualities will start to appear and influence your relationship more and more. So how can you recognize that you are in a relationship which doesn't have a future and that you are actually living with a manipulator?

He is perfect on the first date

Already on the first date, this person made you feel like you were meant to be together. He was kind, attentive and very considerate. But after some time, it comes to light that he isn't actually like that and it was just a part of his game.

You idealize him

People, mainly women, often tend to idealize their partners and overlook their negative qualities. But it can also be the other way around, even men, who are in love with their girlfriends, can turn a blind eye to their bad behavior. Think if there is something in your relationship that is very hard for you to overcome because that's the thing which could cause your breakup.

You neglect your friends

Naturally, everybody wants to spend as much time with their loved one at the begining of their relationship. But if your partner is later on bothered when you spend time also with your friends, it's a problem. Also, don't be blind to how the people close to you see your partner because they are the ones with an objective perspective.

You forget about your hobbies

This point is closely related to the one above. It's basically almost the same, after all, you can't just leave everything you enjoyed behind only because you met one new person. Don't stop doing what you loved to do before but rather introduce your partner to these activities and share your interests with him.

You ignore the things that bother you

The worst thing in a relationship is silence and neglect. Is there something you don't like about your partner? Tell him! Sooner or later this might become a big deal, and it can be one of the main reasons for your daily fights. But if you tell him that you don't like something right away, he has the chance to change it or explain himself. On the other hand, if he continues to behave in the same way regardless of your feelings, it's probably better to call it quits.


You are taking his opinions as your own

To have the same worldview is something different than to gradually take your partner's opinions as your own. If you are changing your beliefs, political or any other, because of your significant other, it's not a good sign. In a healthy relationship, you don't always have to agree on everything with your partner, you are your own person with your own will and experience.

You are jealous

There is nothing wrong with being jealous unless your partner intentionally gives you the reasons for jealousy and is trying to persuade you that it's all in your head.

He can't be without you

If you don't call your partner for a while, he bombards you with tons of messages and missed calls. Some people can be impressed by this, but it also indicates that you are living with someone who always has to know what you are doing and doesn't leave you with any personal space.

You are trying to justify his behavior

Your partner didn't treat you very well last night just because you were a few minutes late, but you are quick to justify his actions? It's a warning sign that his behavior will only get worse.

You can't say no

Do you always try to oblige your partner when he wants something from you? It's perfectly fine if you agree with him. But if it's something that goes against your grain and you are only afraid to speak your mind, you should think whether this is really what you want from a relationship.

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