6 Traits Men Hate in Women. Watch out for Them!

6 Traits Men Hate in Women. Watch out for Them! Source: Shutterstock.com

Although we, the women, are just perfect beings and it's not possible not to love us, even we can have certain qualities which men don't appreciate. And which are those? You can read it in this article.

We are acting all innocent

A woman never admits to a man that her behavior had a hidden agenda because we always try to present ourselves in the best possible light. Men have always been attracted to innocent and pure women, and if you are not one of them, it's better not to pretend because whether you like it or not, they will eventually find out. Be straight with them and don't lie about your opinions or your past, you'd better find a partner who will appreciate this quality of yours.

We gossip about other women

It wouldn't even be us if we weren't, right? We can always find something on every woman that we don't like or think is tacky – clothes, handbag, hair, the color of her lipstick, anything! But we can also acknowledge when a woman is strikingly beautiful, but only exceptionally. Gossiping is just much more fun than flattering.

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We use cryptic language

It is what it is, and men will probably never get used to it. Hardly any man can precisely guess, what lies behind our strange questions and that's how we put them in a tight spot because suddenly, they don't know which answer is the right one.

We are very sensitive

"Everything in moderation" also holds true in this case, but in the women's world, there are countless situations, which can dampen our mood. Men don't understand this at all. Did you break your nail, left the hairdresser with a hairstyle which doesn't suit you at all, or is something wrong with your pet? Then you surely know what I mean!

We use sex as a weapon

Well, they can't be surprised because it's their weakest spot. We often try to show our partner who is the boss in the relationship, and how else can we achieve that than by using the thing that works the most. Don't say you've never done that!

We talk all the time

Just bring up a subject or raise a simple question and we will eagerly start talking about it, plus we won't know when to stop. Even though men are interested in how our day went, they probably don't need to hear every detail from every conversation we had that day. So next time – just cut your story a bit short and ask him about his day as well.

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